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Christmas Flowers


Rebecca Gilbert 

A native of Northern England, Rebecca Gilbert now lives in Los Angeles. She received her Bachelor of Arts degree at Newcastle College of Art and Design in Northern England.   

The crossroads of culture have always intrigued Ms. Gilbert.  She uses a variety of media to create and invoke the effects of lights and shadows on images of different lands.  Ms. Gilbert prefers the mixture of paint, chalk, and recycled materials on canvas and paper.  She believes that fine, dusty chalk balances the luster and sculptured quality of oil and that a flat canvas can be lifted by swirls of paper dressed in paint. 

In 1994, she left the U.K. to live in Southeast Asia where she began exploring the textures of mixed media.  It is here where Ms. Gilbert culminated her ultimate definition and style.  The bright, vivid colors of the Far East were so different from her native European life that this gave her the vision to capture the vibrancy of culture and life in these tropical climates and combine it with the delicate hues and textures of her native England. 

In Singapore, Ms. Gilbert exhibited internationally, collaborating with five galleries and participating in solo and group shows in the East and back in the U.K. 

In 1999, Ms. Gilbert moved to Milan, Italy to study the old masters of the Renaissance.  While there, she exhibited regularly with artists from the Garibaldi Art Group. 

Ms. Gilbert has worked on private commissions for world collectors and has also exhibited in Los Angeles at the Art Salon in Silverlake and in private shows in Los Feliz. 

Global Art Editions is honored to be the exclusive representative of this unique and original artist.