Grace Fine Arts Productions is truly pleased to be representing one of the most innovative artists of the 21st Century. 

 Richard Jin has combined Eastern and Western cultures in paintings that capture the imagination and the soul.  Both thought-provoking and exquisite, Jin continues to break new ground in the realm of realism and imagery.   

Jin was born in China and graduated from Shanghai Art Institute with a degree in oil painting and artistic design.  After graduation, Jin was very successful as a commercial artist, designing for theme parks, theatres, and television.  Jin was head designer for the “World of Joy,” a large theme park in Shanghai as well as a stage designer for a majority of fashion shows held in China, including one for fashion designer, Pierre Cardin.   

Jin is greatly influenced by Chinese calligraphy and traditional Japanese paintings.  He likes the use of heavy, black lines in Chinese art.  Jin says he can read through the lines, the passion and emotion of the painters.  He also loves the recurrent use of gold in Japanese paintings.  He believes the use of gold shocks the visual sense and invokes nobility.

The masters of impressionism and post-impressionism also influence Jin.  While he prefers to paint realistic imagery, he uses light and color in much the same way the impressionists and post-impressionists did.  It’s no coincidence that the works of Vincent Van Gogh and Jin are influenced by Japanese art. 

Jin has exhibited his work widely and has a strong following from private collectors.
Jin strives to generate through each painting – a hope and an imagination that transcends the boundaries of the frames.

Grace Editions is honored to be the exclusive representative of this unique and original artist.