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 **NEW RELEASE 2008 **


Central Park

Chicago Trade Center

Golden Sunset

30x 40


Walking In The rain



Summer In Amboise

La Cave du Marche

Paris Paris

Nightfall Montmartre

Brasserie De L'est. Paris

Champs Elysees 30" x 40"

Rouens's Gros Horloge 30" x 30"

Golden Sunset


Memories of the Twin Towers

A Day At The Museum

24" x 30"

American Spirit 5th Ave

24" x 36"

Night ofNew York

30" x 40"

24" x 32"

Santa Barbara Cafe

30" x 40"

24" x 32"

Santa Barbara Street

Time Square

30" x 40"

24" x 32"

Winter Ride

15" x 20"

Catalina Bay

Dawn At Westwood

24" x 30"

Monrovia Old Town Alley

30" x 40"

36" x 27"

Bay Watch at Catalina

20" x 20"


18" X 24"

Catalina Sunset

24" x 36"

Unforgetable Night

30" x 30"

20" x 20"

Standing tall the Twin Towers hovered over the heart of New York.
What took years to build; took minutes to tear down.
This piece of art was not created in the memory of sadness,
 rather in memory of what was great and what is great.

This painting is to celebrate how far we have come since then,
 the lives rebuilt, the values we still believe in, the freedom we cherish.
 For all we hold dear, here's our small contribution to the memory of the TwinTowers.



Min Li, born in 1955, grew up in China with a strong love of art. Li’s passion for art professionally started for him in college, where he studied oil painting and later on received his Bachelor of Arts from Shanxi University.  Following graduation, Li furthered his skills by doing postgraduate work at Nanjing Art College.


Li moved to Los Angeles, California in the 1992’s.  It was Li’s decision to create art in the city of angels – a city where creativity and appreciation for art is produced and consumed daily.  It is out of this urban milieu where Li creates some of his most well received works of art. Li belongs to a new class of realists who portray landscapes and cityscapes with equal fervor and poetic beauty.

 Li’s paintings have been widely exhibited in some of the most exclusive art galleries and magazine covers from around the world.  From the United Stated to China to Mexico to Taiwan, Li’s masterpieces have won over a dozen prestigious awards and citations.  In addition to his work, Li has been personally decorated as well, as he is currently the Vice-President and Secretary of the World Association of Chinese Artists, an organization headquartered in Beverly Hills, California.   

 Li’s two most acclaimed collections to date include his Park Avenue, New York paintings and his most recent exclusive line of Paris, France.  The “New York” paintings capture the emotions and understated elegance of everyday life.  You can almost smell the rain precipitating into the air and the sound of the horns of taxicabs in his Park Avenue, New York.

 The “Paris” collection is Li’s newest and most talked about collection.  Li spent a great deal of time living, eating, and painting in Paris.  His time in France helped him prepare for the release of the “Paris” collection, a collection that allows the whole world to enjoy the quaint ambience of a city know for its art, food, and culture.  It is a collection that all true art lovers must possess.  It is a series that will capture the breath and inspire all.

New York Collection

Grace Editions is honored to be the exclusive representative of this unique and original artist.