Brilliant Views

22"x28" & 16"x20"


Arian Sloutsker’s artwork and rock ‘n’ roll record album covers are composed of her favorite subjects: figures in movement, nature in extreme, portraits, and biblical legend.  Classically trained at one of the most prestigious art school in Russia during Prestroika and Russian avant-garde art movements, she combines traditional and contemporary methods. 

She received her Masters degree in Fine Art from St. Petersburg State University.  While a student, Arina participated in many avant-garde movements, and was a member of the “ Fellowship of Independent Artist.”  She worked as a set and costume designer.  Her works were initially displayed in sidewalk shows in Kiji, St. Petersburg, Sochi and Prague, before she graduated into many European galleries and private collections. 

In 1990, Arina immigrated to the United States and to Los Angeles.  She worked in the film industry and television, and for Disney.  While working in the “Rock ‘n’ roll industry,” she created record album covers for Tom Petty, Emerson, Lake & Palmer, and Outfield.  She participated in the Lollapalooza rock Festival in Canada. 

In 1995, during the Firebird festival of Russian Culture in Los Angeles, she exhibited her highly original oil paintings at Universal Studios’ City Walk.

“The works of Arina Sloutsker magnetize, fascinate.  They are meant for the beholder’s participation and for one who truly understands art.  A masterful command of the drawing, delicate and yet picturesque palette, a generous abundance of details dwell in her inimitable artistry.  Most important is the passionate, sometimes even tragic but always sublime, spirit of her art, the profundity and elaboration of which are revealed with every artistic encounter.”……New Outlook, July 1999. 

Arina’s artwork ranges from her visions of myth and biblical legend to rock’n’ roll album cover art, a unique mixture of classical training and Russian avant-garde art movements, created with passion and the stuff of dreams.


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