Suzan Sevo 

Suzan Sevo's (Susanna Sevoyan) unique blend of opulent colors and imaginative themes reflect the exquisite beauty of her homeland, Armenia. She got her first recognition and awards as an artist after her first personal exhibition in 70s. Susan's career has been a story of talent refinement and pursuit of dreams. 

 Descending from an artistic family, along with sounds of the music and images of the surrounding paintings, it all inspired the artist to paint. Suzan declares "I would like to paint the music, I would like to paint the song". The result is a style whose shape and color requires the vigorous applications of white tones and is made unique by making use of the textures of the canvas and the paint. The range of her work is diverse as she investigates the aesthetic secrets of paining landscapes, portraits, still-life, miniatures and graphics. Though influenced by the great Impressionist tradition, she constantly develops and pursues new and unique objectives with each pointing and continues her artistic quest to this day. 

Global Art Editions is honored to be the exclusive representative of this unique and original artist.