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Tamara Dolidze 

Tamara Dolidze was born in Tbilisi, Georgia (former Soviet Union) in 1963. Her immense talent, unstoppable ambition to learn and master the art of painting, unique propensity for distinctive style, love of modern art, combined with inordinate determination and unbelievable efficiency - are necessary components for a successful career as an artist.

A member of Georgia’s Guild, Tamara has created beautiful canvases artistic book illustrations, stage sets, theatrical costumes, wall art, and graphic design for television shows produced by S. Vakhtangov. Her work received wide acclaim and was exhibited in art galleries and museums both In Georgia and abroad. An accomplished artist Tamara Dolidze continues to evolve and search her own artistic identity, combining traditional approach with modern style, and creating refreshingly original art. 

Naturally, Tamara considers herself Georgian artist first and foremost. Her influences and love of color are rooted in Georgia’s long history of tradition and folklore. Through her work, Tamara communicates Georgian’s immense love of life, appreciation of their homeland, and romanticism for what the artist perceives and idealistic view of the world. 

The first T Dolidze’s exhibit embarked on a tour of the Soviet Union in 1980, with shows in Baku, Azerbaijan (1986), Odessa, Ukraine (1987), Yerevan, Armenia (1991). Since then her paintings have been shown to worldwide audiences in Turkey, Belgium, Poland, Germany, and Sweden. Art critics praised Tamara’s work and her exceptional use of color, mastery and style. Later, six of the artist’s paintings were brought by Georgia’s "Mziurl " Cultural center to Denmark, Japan and the United States, where they were shown as part of international exhibit benefiting Georgia’s children. 

Tamara received numerous commendations and certificates of outstanding artistic achievement from the Georgian government. She continues to grow professionally, and as her popularity grows, so does her reputation as one of the most innovative and talented artists. Tamara tries new painting techniques using wet canvass, wax and oil-based paints to create beautiful art. Her use of color - vibrant, bold, magnificently strong yet delicate tones - results in lively compelling, visually and emotionally stimulating paintings. As one image is layered against another one can distinguish gracious bodies of young women in a sensual dance- a moment is frozen in time.

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